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‘Project Happiness’ Becomes ‘Hometown Story,’ Totally Coming This Year

Back at E3 last June, Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada and publisher Natsume made some waves with the reveal of their joint venture, a game called Project Happiness. Slated to hit at some point this year, Project Happiness tasks you with running a shop in a really small village. Interestingly, it’s more about the people you meet and their stories than it is about hardcore shopkeeper simulation, which sounds like a pretty cool twist.

Today, we’ve got some more news to share on this one: Natsume and Wada have announced that the game’s name is now Hometown Story and it’s totally coming to “mobile" in addition to 3DS in North America.

A new trailer has been released, too, and it kinda shows off the emotional stuff that Wada is trying to pull off with this. It’s definitely interesting.

Hometown Story is still slated to hit at some nebulous point in 2013. Heads on swivels, folks. Heads on swivels.