Check Out these Cool ‘Backflip Madness’ Hidden Tricks

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I don’t think any of us in the TouchArcade crew expected much when we picked up Backflip Madness ($0.99) last week, but somehow this truly strange game has captured our hearts in a pretty big way. As we talked about in our review as well as our TA Plays of Backflip Madness, this game has no business being as fun as it is. It has this really disjointed art style and a wonky physics engine, but despite that (or possibly because of that) it completely nails the “one more try" compulsion in your brain.

It’s so simple to play on the surface but hides a subtle complexity that drives its hooks into you. The folks in our forums seem to agree too with similarly good vibes towards Backflip Madness, so I don’t totally think it’s just us being crazy. It’s actually just a stupidly fun game, and today we’ve got one more interesting little bit of backflipping fun for you.

Backflip Madness has actually been out on Android since last October, and developer Gamesoul Studio posted a video back then that shows a couple of very cool hidden features. First off, if you choose the Free Play mode on any level you can tap the screen 5 times to turn on “Lunar gravity" which, as you might expect, allows you to jump super high into the air. There’s lots of crazy fiddling around you can do with the different levels a newfound ability to do half a dozen flips in one leap or entire cross-map jumps. It’s almost a game in and of itself just dorking around with the crazy physics engine in the game.

The second little hidden feature is the ability to touch and drag many of the objects around a level, including your player, after a failed backflip. This makes for a sort of ragdoll physics toybox as you drag your guy around and slam him into objects, sending them flying all over in chaotic fashion. It’s strange, slightly sadistic fun, and it works in both Free Play and Normal modes.

Hopefully you’re having as good a time playing Backflip Madness as we have been, and maybe these tricks will open up a whole new avenue of goofing off in the game. They certainly have for me. I’d love to see some new levels for the game in the future, or maybe even a level editor as I’ve seen a few people request, but even after beating the initial eight levels these little hidden features have given me a new way to play Backflip Madness, and extended its shelf life on my device for the foreseeable future.

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