TA Plays: ‘Backflip Madness’ – “COME ON! Video Games.”

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I already posted a review of Backflip Madness ($0.99) earlier today, but to truly descend into the maw of madness you need to see the game in action. So, here’s a TA Plays to the rescue. As mentioned before, this is a game about backflipping. You’ll see just how crazy the physics are, and just how simple the game actually is… Along with us failing over, and over, and over (and over) to land backflips.

This is a game that came out of nowhere that we’re having a ton of fun with and can’t stop laughing at. Check out the video, and flip out a buck if anything you see even vaguely appeals to you. Take a look in the forum thread if you need additional convincing.

  • Backflip Madness

    Backflip Madness is a fast-paced, parkour-flavored extreme sports game. Your goal is simple - make tons of spectacular t…
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