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The ‘Dragon Fantasy’ Redux is Looking Great in Early Video

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Last month we told you how the developers over at Muteki Corp. were completely redoing their 8-bit throwback RPG Dragon Fantasy ($7.99) in preparation for its release on the PlayStation Network. They later stated that the revamped game, officially titled Dragon Fantasy Book I, would be hitting multiple platforms, and confirmed in the comments of our original story that one of those platforms would indeed be iOS.

Recently, Muteki posted a new video in our forums which shows off what Dragon Fantasy Book I looks like in motion, and I think fans of 16-bit era RPGs should be mighty impressed. Technically the footage is captured from the game running on PS3, but all the sights and sounds will apply to the iOS version as well.

I’ve got to say I’m pretty pumped for Dragon Fantasy Book I. I enjoyed the original release a lot, and although we had a somewhat middling review of the game initially, more content and numerous fixes by way of updates really turned it into an awesome little experience for the retro-inspired RPG enthusiast. This new version looks like an improvement in every way imaginable. We’ll keep our ear to the ground regarding any word on a release window for Dragon Fantasy Book I, and don’t forget a proper sequel is in the works too.

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