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New Shoot’em Up ‘Sela the Space Pirate’ Coming Next Week from The Game Atelier

The Game Atelier, aside from making several other very cool iOS games, is responsible for one of my favorite scrolling shooters on the platform: Flying Hamster ($2.99). In addition to having some of the most adorable and absurd visuals in any game, Flying Hamster also really nailed the level of action and challenge that makes for a great shooter. In fact, I like Flying Hamster enough that it still lives on my iPhone 5 despite not being optimized for the widescreen, which is something I’ve been pretty cutthroat about lately (though I sure wouldn’t mind if it was, Game Atelier).

Anyway, because of my fondness for Flying Hamster my eyeballs perked up when I saw that The Game Atelier has announced a new shooter coming to iOS called Sela the Space Pirate. It has a slightly more serious look than Flying Hamster, but still looks like it retains a lot of humor with its colorful characters and pirate-speak galore. Oh, and bullets. Bullets are freaking everywhere, along with swarms of enemies and humongous bosses. Most impressive of all is that according to the press sent over from The Game Atelier the entirety of Sela the Space Pirate was created by just one man. Check out the trailer.

Sela the Space Pirate will come with 30 levels, as well as an upgradeable ship to dump all your collected coins into as you progress. It’s set for a February 15th launch for iPhone and iPad at a price of $2.99, though it doesn’t specifically mention if that means it’s Universal. I’m hoping so. It looks cool based on what I’ve seen, and if your interest is piqued too keep your eye out for Sela the Space Pirate to hit next week.