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‘Icebreaker – A Viking Voyage’ Certainly Looks Like It’ll Be Cool

Nitrome Limited just let us in on its next game project, Icebreaker – A Viking Voyage. It’s a physics-based 2D puzzle game that revolves around a slicing mechanic that’ll have you slashing and hacking at pieces of the game world in order to get a little soon-to-be Viking hero around or through obstacles. We’ve got footage of this in action in this post.

Nitrome tells us that Viking Voyage won’t be a one-trick pony. There will be “tons of variety," as well as an explorable world map, side-quests, and secrets to find as you travel the game world in search of the hero’s missing Viking clan.

If you’re scratching your head and thinking this looks similar to something… well, it should. This game’s content is based on a flash game series Nitrome had a hand in. This isn’t a port, though. Apparently, Viking Voyage is built from the ground up for iOS. We can get behind that, for sure.

This game looks neat and it sounds neat, so we’re more than stoked to grab the game when it hits iPhone and iPad this coming January. Stay tuned for more.