NimbleBit Throws Fall Sale, ‘Pocket Planes’ And Other Titles See In-App Purchase Savings

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Check this: NimbleBit has slashed all of the in-app purchases in Tiny Tower (Free), Pocket Planes (Free), and Pocket Frogs (Free) by 50 percent. From now (and, well, since Friday) until this coming Sunday, you can go nuts in these games and buy anything for half the price.

This is a solid deal for three radical free-to-play games that don’t require, and heck, aren’t even balanced for, in-app purchases.

In celebration of this sale, NimbleBit has released a brand new “short" starring one of its games. Specifically, this is the first “Tiny Tower Short," a web series that pokes a bit of fun at the characters, places, and items in the game. Check it out:

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