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[Update: Out Now!] Upcoming ‘Eyelord’ Will Be the Marble Popping Game of Choice for ’80s Hair Bands

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Secret Exit, creators of Zen Bound 2 ($2.99) and Stair Dismount Universal (Free) (two of my personal favorites, in case you were wondering), have just announced their latest project called Eyelord. It’s a marble popper in the same vein as Zuma, but with no spitting frogs, an excellent heavy metal theme and plenty of eyeballs. Check it out.

I have to say, I’m in love with that trailer. It’s delightfully metal with a hint of rock opera, something that I never knew until right this very moment that I wanted in my marble popping games. Eyelord will be a free download with optional in-app purchases, so I’m curious to see just how that’s implemented, but regardless I’m excited. It’s also rumored to feature triple lightning bolts. Triple!

You can check out the game’s official website for links to the tracks in the trailer, or catch some discussion in our forums, and hang tight for Eyelord which Secret Exit says should be “out soon."

Update: They must have REALLY mean “out soon" as Eyelord has just dropped in the App Store for FREE.

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