‘Blueprint 3D’ 2.0 Update Will Let You Explode Any Picture You Want

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Last November FDG Entertainment released a really interesting and unique puzzle game titled Blueprint 3D ($0.99). It tasked you with aligning pictures, which had been “exploded" out into a 3D cloud of chaos, and getting things lined up properly to put the picture back together again into something recognizable.

It wasn’t a hard game, or an especially long one, but we thought Blueprint 3D was satisfying nonetheless in our review, and it’s been updated several times since then with new level packs that have fleshed out the whole experience.

Well get ready for the fleshing out to hit an infinite level as with an upcoming 2.0 update to Blueprint 3D you’ll actually be able to explode any picture you wish, creating an unlimited amount of puzzles to play through. Check out how it works in the following video:

Blueprint 3D was a really cool game initially, and has definitely gotten better through updates, but this 2.0 version really takes things to the next level. I can imagine it will be a total blast to use my own pictures as puzzles, or even just silly pictures that I find around the ‘net. Look for Blueprint 3D 2.0 to hit on October 18th.

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