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Classic Arcade Shooter ‘Zaxxon’ Getting Remade for Mobile Devices

Sega has revealed a refresh of their classic 1982 isometric arcade shooter Zaxxon is heading to mobile devices, Joystiq has learned. Either titled Zaxxon Escape or Escape From Zaxxon, depending on which wording you believe on Sega’s Community Blog, it appears to be a pretty big departure from the arcade original. Rather than an isometric shooter, this new Zaxxon will be a behind-the-ship tunnel flying game, as you can see a quick glimpse of in the following teaser trailer.

Not much more is known about Zaxxon Escape (I’m settling on that title, I’ve decided), but given its emphasis on “escaping" I’m not even totally sure if there will be any shooting in this rebirth or just lots of flying and dodging. And escaping, of course. We’ll find out when Zaxxon Escape launches “soon", whenever that is, on iOS and Android devices.

[Sega via Joystiq]