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Another “Secret” Video for ‘Oceanhorn’ Surfaces, Shows A Lot of Gameplay

Early this year Cornfox & Bros. released a “secret" gameplay video of their upcoming action RPG Oceanhorn, which gave us an all-to-brief glimpse of the highly anticipated game in motion. Things had been kind of quite on the development front since then, but about a week ago the developers updated their blog letting fans know they’re still toiling away at Oceanhorn and they even released a couple of new screens to prove it.

Today, Cornfox & Bros. have let another “secret" gameplay video slip out into the ether. And by slip out I mean they publicly published it to YouTube and posted it in our forums for all to see. Somebody really needs to school these guys with the proper meaning of “secret."

In any case, this new video shows a meaty 3 minutes and 25 seconds of Oceanhorn gameplay, and it looks great. The camera even bounces back and forth a couple of times to show the game on iPad as well as iPhone. It looks like this adventure should play just fine on the smaller iPhone and iPod touch screens.

As you can see, there is a definite Zelda-esque vibe going on in Oceanhorn, as that was indeed one of its many inspirations. I’m particularly interested in the single-button gameplay, where just one button foots the load of all the game’s actions, changing context when needed. And of course, the world itself is quite gorgeous and there will be a heavy emphasis on exploration, with plenty of hidden caves and side quests to lose yourself in.

We’re definitely excited to give Oceanhorn a spin when it finally does hit, which is as of now an undetermined time, and based on the Watch List activity in the TouchArcade app (Free) plenty of you out there are excited for it as well. Stay tuned and hopefully we’ll have more on Oceanhorn in the very near future.