TA Plays: ‘Rayman Jungle Run’ – A 2D Runner

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I gave Rayman Jungle Run ($2.99) a spin. We just reviewed it and gave it some high marks, but we thought it’d be awesome to give those of you still on the fence a much more intimate look.

Jungle Run, if you haven’t heard, is a 2D auto runner created by the same hands that have sculpted the latest crop of Rayman titles. Across the game’s dozens and dozens of colorful environments, you’ll be tasked with running, jumping, climbing, and propelling through, above, and under various obstacles including thorns and the runner standard cliffs. Go figure, right?

Maybe the most remarkable the thing about Jungle Run is its production values. This thing is a looker no doubt, and rocks that unmistakably bubbly Rayman tone that fans love so much. Take a gander yourself below:

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