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Popular Flash Mini-golf Adventure ‘Wonderputt’ Coming to iPad this Week

This week developer Damp Gnat is releasing an iOS version of their popular Flash mini-golf adventure game Wonderputt. The best way to describe Wonderputt is if mini-golf met the board game Mousetrap and they both went to school to major in, uh, Science. And aliens. Or something like that. Have a look at the trailer.

I’m kind of a big fan of mini-golf games, and there have been a few good ones on iOS before, but I’ve never really seen anything quite like Wonderputt. I like the game’s sense of humor and the elaborate course designs, making it more like a puzzle game than a straight golfing game. You can try the Flash version for free on Kongregate, and check back during this week’s new releases to grab Wonderputt for your iPad 2 or later device.