TA Plays: ‘Zombie Stomp’ – An Infinite Zombie… Stomping Game

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We get a surprising amount of e-mails that are, like, “Hey, guys, I’m doing [X] or at [X] a lot, so I can only play really simple games in a specific orientation; can you recommend a few games that are like this?" This question is why we sat down with Zombie Stomp (Free) this morning. It’s a super casual title jumping game where you tilt your phone to, uh, stomp on zombies. It’s also locked in landscape, and can be played with a single hand without too much trouble.

In other words, it’s a perfect game to play when you’re bored during a break or on the bus or wherever else you may want a specifically landscape, tilt-based game.

Outside of this specific “I need…" scenario, we’re guessing Zombie Stomp isn’t going to be for everyone. We think it’s charming, but recommend you check out the video before you take the plunge:

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