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Attention Cat Haters: ‘Puppy Sanctuary’ is Releasing Next Week

One of the more surprisingly pleasant releases from earlier this year was Kitten Sanctuary ($1.99) from Clockwork Pixels. Sure, it had cats in it which automatically earned it a fair amount of brownie points with me, but it was a match-3 game which is a genre that’s so overdone it’s hard to get excited for anymore. Thankfully, the matching mechanics were interesting enough to differentiate itself from the masses, and the ability to rescue and care for a huge selection of adorable kitties gave the game a great sense of progression. Yeah, we though Kitten Sanctuary was pretty great.

But what if you don’t like cats? I mean, I’m definitely a cat guy but I love dogs almost as much too. But some people really don’t like cats (or crazy cat people like myself). Clockwork Pixels has got your back, as they’re preparing to bring an iOS port of the desktop version of their canine-themed matching game Puppy Sanctuary to the App Store.

It looks like you can pretty much expect a similar experience with Puppy Sanctuary as we got with Kitten Sanctuary, but you know, dogs. There will be tons of puppies to rescue and collect, each with their own personalities and stories, plus plenty of items to unlock for them to play with across a variety of environments.

Puppy Sanctuary will launch as a free Universal app with Retina Display support that will let you check out what the game is like, and a one-time 99¢ IAP will unlock the full game from within. We’ll give it a look when it hits in just about a week.