TA Plays: ‘Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense’ – A 3rd Person Character Action Game With DC Heroes

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I dug into Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense ($0.99). It’s a character action game that has you, as several playable characters from the DC Universe, beating up a bunch of nameless bad dudes across several themed levels. As you play, you unlock points which can be fed into the game’s various RPG systems, which in turn, jack up your character’s special powers and abilities.

There’s a lot going on in Justice League‘s various leveling up systems, as you’ll see in the video below, but they feel kinda tacky. The brawling isn’t so hot, either. The level design is poor, the enemy design is weak, and the virtual controls aren’t consistently responsive. On the other hand, this is a video game where you can beat dudes up as Batman and Superman. That counts for something.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE : Earth's Final Defense

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