TA Plays: ‘Mini Mix Mayhem’ – A Frantic Collection of Mini-Games

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Today I sit down with the strongest man in video games Brad Nicholson to give a game called Mini Mix Mayhem (Free) a spin. It’s a game that came out a while ago, back in May in fact, but I still find myself loading it up from time to time and I especially enjoy busting it out when friends are around to partake in its frantic same-device multiplayer mode.

Mini Mix Mayhem is a collection of tons of different mini-games. They’re all incredibly simple to complete, and only last a few seconds each. It’s not totally unlike the WarioWare micro game collections out there. The big difference here is that Mini Mix Mayhem throws 4 of them up on the screen at once and asks you to successfully complete these mini-games simultaneously.

It starts out easy enough, but quickly ramps up into a hectic mess of fluttering fingers and multitouch Twister. In addition to the single player offerings, a Party Mode puts up 22 of the mini-games on the screen at the same time as each player takes one side of the screen and attempts to keep up with half of the “mayhem” going on. Mini Mix Mayhem is a total blast in both single and multiplayer modes, check it out.

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