‘The End App’ Update Adds New Pro Features

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Updating to “Pro" in The End App [Free] feels like a much better value proposition now thanks to a recent content update for the game. Version 1.2 of the behind-the-back runner sees the release of several new “Pro" add-ons, including several modes, a new character, and new challenges for anyone who wants to pony up the $1.99 asking price. Before, Pro users weren’t receiving much for their purchase.

To be specific, the new modes — Out of Luck, Powerless, and Sudden Death — are just simple spins on the existing city run. Out of Luck, for example, is a city run that bars you from using lucky coins. Sudden Death is a hilariously sped up version of the game that kind of feels broken in the best way possible.

The new character, by the way? A zombie. Naturally.

The End App is one of our favorite runners, so consider giving it a look. We did earlier when the game hit, and we’ve got some footage of the game in action:

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