‘Osmos’ Multiplayer Update Now Available

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As we teased about last month, Hemisphere Games has been hard at work on adding multiplayer functionality to their zen-like puzzle game Osmos ($2.99), and that update has finally landed in the App Store. As you’re probably aware, Osmos is all about building up the mass of your player orb, called a mote,  so that you can gobble up other, smaller orbs. This is exactly what the multiplayer is built around.

Either online or locally, two players can connect and pick from 6 different arenas to battle in. Then it becomes a race to see who can absorb more smaller orbs and thus become large enough to absorb the other player. It’s dead simple, but can be quite frantic and fun. Connections appear to work well whether locally or online against random players or friends.

There’s also support for playing iPad against iPhones or iPod touches as well as an optional handicap system if you’re giving your buddies too big of a beatdown and want to even things up a bit. 15 additional Game Center achievements, the ability to send out invites and boast your accomplishments over social media, and plenty of smaller tweaks and fixes round out this latest update.

Be sure to check out our original Osmos review and our thoughts on the iPhone version, and hit up our forums to find some opponents to square off against. If you’re an Osmos fan then definitely grab this latest multiplayer update that adds a great competitive edge to one of the nicest iOS puzzlers available.

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