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‘Might And Magic Clash Of Heroes’ Coming To iOS Soon-ish

A mobile port of what appears to be the HD version of Might and Magic Clash of Heroes is heading to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices at some point in the “near future," Ubisoft has confirmed in a surprising reveal this morning. Clash of Heroes first launched on the DS in 2009. It saw a XBLA and PSN re-release in 2011.

Clash of Heroes is a hip, forward-thinking turn-based RPG that mixes match-three puzzle game elements into its combat system. Widely seen as one of the best RPGs (or strategy games) on all of its previous platforms, it’s definitely a game we’ll welcome on iPhone and iPad whenever it launches.

We’ve included some media of the game in this post, so take a second to look around. If we can, we’ll try to get some pre-release hands-on as soon as possible.

[images via PocketGamer]