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First ‘Horn’ Footage Emerges

Phosphor Games seems to be keeping hard details about its upcoming title Horn close to its chest, but yesterday it did divulge some meaningful facts. In the teaser trailer we embedded below, a Phosphor rep breaks down the premise, revealing that the game follows a young boy on a quest to save a cursed land after he pulls an epic Rip Van Winkle move. The rep also confirms that Horn is indeed an action-adventure game, while the footage suggests it’ll be very Zelda-like.

Horn was announced as one of the first Zynga Partners games at Zynga Unleashed the other afternoon along side a swath of other free to play ultra-casual titles. What a curious place to announce an apparently hardcore title with swords, monsters, and a world that needs saved. Oh well!

…And that’s still all we know about Horn, making this officially the strangest way to reveal a new iOS game we’ve ever seen.