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‘The End’ Pushes ‘Temple Run’ One Step Closer to Being a Genre

If there’s one thing the App Store is great at, it’s chasing successful games with highly iterative titles. For instance, there’s a gazillion Angry Birds riffs out there, and recently it seems that developers have switched gears to taking different levels of “inspiration" from Imangi’s Temple Run (Free). Among the best of these currently available would be both Subway Surfers (Free) and Imangi’s own spin-off, Temple Run: Brave ($1.99), but The End sure is looking awesome.

Take a look at the trailer:

So, basically, Temple Run but with a really slick post-apocalyptic theme. That’s pretty rad. It’s free too, and sounds like it follows right in line with Temple Run in all sorts of optional power-up style IAP you can sink your teeth into or choose to ignore. Their web site is clever too, complete with an online store full of survival gear.

The End is coming this “Thursday," which in App Store time should mean tomorrow night at 11:00 PM Eastern with all the other weekly releases.