New Trailer Hits for ‘Burger Cat’, Launching Next Week

We’ve been looking forward to Ravenous Games’ upcoming Burger Cat since it was announced in late March. Not just because it’s a game featuring an adorable cat, which is reason enough to be excited in my book, but also because it looked like a clever puzzle platformer that was a casual-focused departure from the grittier League of Evil series.

In our hands-on preview of Burger Cat, we found the gameplay very approachable but still with a nice progression in both challenge and depth of each level. Plus, since it’s a complete overhaul of the original Flash version, the production values in Burger Cat are second to none. Definitely give the preview a read for the full skinny, and check out the first trailer for Burger Cat which Ravenous has recently released.

We’ve also learned that Burger Cat has been pushed back from its original release, which would have been this week, but we won’t have to wait long since it’s already rescheduled to hit next week on April 19th. Good thing too, I can already hear my cat’s stomach growling.