ClashMobs Are Coming To ‘Infinity Blade 2’ Next Week

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So, what’s Chair Entertainment been up to, you wonder? Well, at least part of the studio has been busy designing and implementing Infinity Blade 2‘s [$6.99] long-awaited, and awesome-sounding, ClashMobs feature. IGN Wireless just posted a short hands-on piece that details its functionality and otherwise shows off the new-look element.

From what we’re gathering, the early promise of ClashMob has been realized: in it, you and thousands of others take turns beating the crap out of one really big monster in an epic attempt to gather exclusive loot. The challenges come in the form of skirmishes, and seem like they’ll have a mini-game sort of feel to them. One type skirmish has you doing the most damage to a monster that you possibly can within 30 seconds, for example.

IGN details some of its social hooks:

The more connected friends you have participating in ClashMobs, the better benefits you’ll be eligible for. Bonuses like additional combat time, bonus victory cash and extra ClashMob attempts will be awarded to players with more MyMob members.

ClashMobs are due out as part of a larger update next week. Expect new equipment, new monsters, a new gem interface, and “a gem forge" feature. Check out IGN for more info because, man, this sounds like the greatest thing ever.

[via IGN]

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