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Cave Announces ‘Bug Princess 2’, Hitting the App Store Next Week for $4.99

The folks at Cave certainly aren’t wasting any time when it comes to releases. Earlier this month we got HD and Universal versions of two of their strongest iOS games, and just last month they released Dodonpachi Blissful Death [$4.99/Lite], which unsurprisingly we enjoyed a lot. Today, Cave has announced on their website that their next iOS title will be Bug Princess 2, a sequel to their 2004 title Mushihimesama which was brought to the App Store as Bug Princess [$4.99/Lite] last December.

Bug Princess 2 was previously released in 2009 as an enhanced version for Xbox 360, under its original Japanese name Mushihimesama Futari. It’s not clear if any of those special enhancements will make their way into the iOS version, but if the release of the first Bug Princess is an indicator then Bug Princess 2 will likely be a very straightforward arcade port. Not that that’s a bad thing, or anything, especially for the introductory price of $4.99. Sounds like it’ll be Universal too, so if you just can’t get enough of Cave shooters then save up some scratch for Bug Princess 2 when it hits next week.