‘Mass Effect 3 Datapad’ Now Available for Free

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I’m sure many of you out there have spent the past week burning through your allotment of sick days at your job so you could spend all day with the shades drawn hunkered down on your couch in front of Mass Effect 3. If this describes you and you have an iOS device to boot, then you’re probably going to want to grab the free Mass Effect 3 Datapad [Free] which has now gone live in the App Store.

We learned a tiny bit about the Mass Effect 3 Datapad last month, and the app description makes it sound like the companion app to the console title is actually even more feature-filled than we originally thought. You’ll can check out codex entries from all three Mass Effect console games to learn more about the lore. There are also videos, screenshots, and a news feed on all things Bioware and Mass Effect.

Most interestingly, the Mass Effect 3 Datapad app can interact directly with the console game. After meeting certain characters in Mass Effect 3, you will receive messages in the iOS Datapad app. Nothing integral to the enjoyment of the console game, but rather additional fan service for those that want to explore even further. Also, you can deploy ships in the app’s Fleet Commander which can increase your chances of success against Reapers in the console game. Pretty neat.

The Mass Effect 3 Datapad is free and a Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad so if you’re into the Mass Effect universe, are currently playing Mass Effect 3 or plan to in the near future, you should definitely give the app a download.


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