‘Bean’s Quest’ on Sale for 99¢ and New Lite Version Released

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Last week we talked about the massive update to last summer’s quirky platformer Bean’s Quest [99¢/Lite] that added a ton of brand new levels and fleshed out the storyline with appropriate intro and ending sequences. Basically, Bean’s Quest was originally an incredibly short game, featuring just 8 levels. That was the chief complaint in our original review, though we did enjoy the game a lot while it lasted. In about 6 months time, Bean’s Quest has expanded to 50 levels and is finally the full and complete game it was always intended to be.

For today only, you can grab the full version of Bean’s Quest for just 99¢. If you’ve always admired Bean’s Quest from afar, but weren’t sure if its “constantly bouncing" gameplay was the right fit for you, then a recently released lite version can help you make up your mind. I would urge all platformer fans to give the lite version a spin, and if you’re into it, then definitely grab the full Bean’s Quest while it’s just a dollar.

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