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‘Gorilla Gondola’ Is A Great Idea

We’d love to have been there when Electric Pixel Factory dreamed up Gorilla Gondola, as it’s easily one of the stranger game ideas we’ve seen come to fruition. In the game, you control a gorilla on a gondola. The objective is to collect bananas and avoid hazards by shaking the gondola with swipes, tilts, and taps. There are also power-ups that change the gorilla and his interaction with the world, as well as what appears to be light puzzle elements, like, laser beam deactivation and so on.

The thing that’s getting people the most excited on our message board is its look; it’s definitely a sharp game with tons of cool little effects and background touches. We’re trying to get some hands on time at the moment, but the wait until release won’t be too long: Gorilla Gondola is set to be released on February 2nd.