‘Dance Central 2’ Now Has An App

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If you have a Kinect, you should probably own Dance Central 2. It’s one of the best and brightest games the hands-free motion tracking device has in its library. It’s also one of the few that actually shows off what the device can do well. If you need more a push, Microsoft might have just the thing: an app that pairs, loosely, what Harmonix did with VidRhythm [Free] to Dance Central 2. It’s a promotional preview app, basically, dubbed Dance Cam. [Free]

In it, users can record video performances of themselves dancing to a sampling of tracks from the Dance Central 2 proper soundtrack. Then, the app spits out a music video containing both. Pretty simple stuff, really.

Dance Cam also has social hooks that allows for sharing and even mash-up videos between friends. The below fleshes out some of the finer details:

Hard to believe this might turn someone onto Dance Central 2, so we’re kinda thinking about this more as a strange little toy than anything else. It’s free, so give it a spin — especially if VidRhythm is your thing.


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