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‘Q.U.B.E.’ Might Hit iOS Someday

The Indie Fund‘s first release, Q.U.B.E., is also its first success story: after just a few days on PC download, the first-person puzzle game has generated enough dough to repay its 90k investment from the Fund. Now, Toxic Games is looking to launch the title on other platforms, including iOS. “We’re currently prototyping an iOS version, and a Mac version has been in the works for months now," a studio representative told Joystiq.

Q.U.B.E. is a fascinating puzzler that has you, as a telekinesis-wielding dude, rotating and generally fiddling with the size and shape of colored blocks in sterile rooms. It’s a style of game that we don’t really have on iOS, so we’re stoked about the possibility and excited about what it could open up on the platform it ever does see a release. This isn’t exactly a match-three, you know?

[Via Joystiq]