Call of Duty Elite App Launches Tomorrow

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Call of Duty Elite for mobile, the companion to the companion Call of Duty experience, is coming to iOS tomorrow and Android next week, MacRumors reports. And it’ll bring a few interesting control options with it. Inside the app, you’ll be able to check your stats and other players’ stats, hit up after action reports, scope map information, track your challenge progress, and modify your loadouts all without ever having to look at your console.

While that’s a ton of cool support, fans will inevitably be noting what’s missing. In a conversation with Joystiq, Beachhead Studios Chacko Sonny said Beachhead learned a a few things about Elite’s stunningly bad launch, so it won’t be tossing out features until it knows they’re “at the level" fans actually want.

Speaking to the MacRumors about future features, Sonny said:

“We view this as the foundation. We want to hear from the community: how do they use this? What parts do they like? What parts aren’t as useful? We want to drive additional development going forward from people who play the game every single day. That’s going to help us deliver a better set of iterated features going forward, and for the forthcoming tablet version as well."

During the rocky launch, we kinda gave up on Elite. The release of the mobile app definitely gives us reason to give it another shot, so we will. Tomorrow!

[via MacRumors]

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