‘Carcassonne’ Update Adds Expansion, Baby Mode

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Remember when we wrote about the fact that Carcassonne [$9.99] will receive expansion support in the future? It has that right now. Developer The Coding Monkeys has released two of the more popular expansions to the board game, “The River" and “Inns and Cathedrals" at $.99 and $1.99 respectively. It’s also thrown out a new update, which offers the ability to pick and choose between these expansions, play a baby version of the game sans fields, and an option to disable tile placement overviews.

In a nutshell, River adds 12 “river" tiles that essentially serve as territorial wedges and divide the game in fascinating ways. Inns and Cathedrals adds 18 additional tiles, some of which double the value of roads or add a point to towns. The twist with the new buildings is that if a territory is incomplete, it loses its value completely. The Carcassonne page has the specifics on both of these new expansions. Our review, on the other hand, has the details on the game.

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