The TouchArcade Show – Bonus – Interview With FakePup

On this week’s bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show, we speak with FakePup‘s Miguel Rafael. He and his studio just released Super Bit Dash [Free], an 8-bit runner with a few cool twists to the action model. We love the look and feel of it and, basically, and wanted to get with FakePup and see where the game was going and what the studio is all about.

Turns out that FakePup has a great story, so we’re pretty pumped to share it with you via our podcast. If you’d like to give this a listen feel free to do so below via direct download or streaming. Subscribers to our podcast on iTunes and Zune get our podcasts the second they’re uploaded onto the Internet, so get on those services if you want to fill your earholes with our goodness the second we release it.


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We’ll be back a little later this week for another regular episode of The TouchArcade Show. We also have quite a few bonus podcasts lined up, too. Catch it!

UPDATE: Super Bit Dash is now free! Catch it.