‘Angry Birds’ Mighty Eagle Coming To ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ – Update: Available Now

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If achievement data is an actual lens into intent, it appears as if Angry Birds Seasons [$.99 / HD / Free] is set to be the second full Angry Birds [$.99 / HD / Free / HD Free] game to be graced by the Mighty Eagle. The dudes over at fan site Angry Birds Nest have spotted several listings for Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds Seasons’ Game Center data, indicating that Rovio Mobile is about to drop the level-shattering and Angry Birds’ completely optional IAP bird into the mix.

Seasons, of course, is the holiday-themed Angry Birds joint that Rovio updates whenever an extraordinarily pleasant day in certain joyous months need to be celebrated. Often, players are restricted from playing too much Seasons at once, as it unlocks levels per day. This hits me as something that might put a damper on the Mighty Eagle as a value proposition, but we’ll have to see how Rovio handles and rolls in the update. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be free.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Rovio likes money. Also, it has said in the past that the Mighty Eagle will be coming to different platforms, iterations, and versions of the uber-popular franchise. Seasons seems like a natural progression. Also, if you haven’t yet, you should debate giving the Mighty Eagle a try in Angry Birds. It’s not just a cheat mechanic, it’s actually a whole new game mode for each level.

UPDATE: While this story sat in queue waiting for to be published the update was released this morning. Go grab the Mighty Eagle if you’re looking for something new to do in Angry Birds Seasons!

[Via Angry Birds Nest]

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