‘Tap Tap Glee’ Is A Real Game

Licensed games are rarely awesome, but I suppose Tap Tap Glee [Free] has a shot at being one of the better ones we’ve seen just by sheer virtue of its core simplicity. Fox Digital Entertainment and Tap Tap creators Tapulous announced the new partnership and the game the other morning, and now you can go download it on the App Store for free. Like other Tap Tap games, all you do in Tap Tap Glee is ‘tap’ out musical beats alongside songs. Naturally, it features music from the stupid popular TV show and lots of thematic elements from it, too.

I’m stretching the word “free” to its limits here. With a download, you get a whopping total of three tracks to play with: “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Hell To The No,” and “My Cup.” If you want to pony up some cash, though, you can purchase up to 50 additional tracks via IAP. More music will apparently hit every Tuesday until the powers that be decide to pull the plug on the project.

“There has never been an artist-branded Tap Tap game with the breadth of music, features and social media integration that Tap Tap Glee has, and that really speaks to the unique premise of the show and its music,” said Tim O’Brien, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Disney Mobile said in a statement.

“This game brings together two of the most popular franchises in music to create a must-have gaming experience for all GleeKs,” he continued.

A GleeK, by the way, isn’t that one move where you spit through your teeth at an unsuspecting person, presumably sitting next to you in study hall. Apparently, it’s a name for Glee fans. I think. I found a Web site that confirmed as much, at least.

One cool little bonus I haven’t mentioned yet about Tap Tap Glee is the fact that it includes a promotional video from “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie.” You and I might not care about that, but I’m sure fans are all about catching a sneak peek before it hits theaters later next week.

An iPad version of Tap Tap Glee is in the works and should appear soon. If lyrics are more your thing, don’t forget about Smule’s karaoke Glee game, the oh-so-cleverly titled Glee Karaoke [$.99]. I can’t believe I just downloaded any of this.