‘This American Life’ Explains Patent Trolls – Lodsys Mentioned Among Others

If you’ve never heard of This American Life before, it’s never too late to start listening. TAL is a radio show produced by WBEZ and hosted by Ira Glass. You can listen to it by visiting their web site, subscribe in iTunes, or download the This American Life for the iPhone [$2.99] or for the iPad [$4.99]. Each show centralizes around a particular theme, which is explored over the course of an hour through various “acts" which consist of stories often told as first person narratives which are sometimes followed up with a brief interview. It’s fantastic show, with a mood that varies widely depending on the topic ranging from incredibly somber to remarkably humorous, with tons of variance in between.

Why This American Life is relevant to the TouchArcade audience today is because their most recent episode, “When Patents Attack" focuses on patent trolls and does an absolutely fabulous job of demystifying all of the confusing US patent law that gives these patent holders the power to relentlessly sue so many people. Recently, Lodsys has been harassing iOS developers with patent claims on in-app purchase, as well as “more games" links inside of iOS titles, and they even get a brief mention in the show.

If you’ve found yourself following the various Lodsys drama but don’t necessarily understand all the nitty gritty how’s and why’s of what’s happening, you’ll be totally up to speed after listening to this episode. Heck, if you like it, listen to other episodes, they’re all worth your time.