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‘Groove Coaster’ – An Upcoming Rhythm Game From The Creator of ‘Space Invaders: Infinity Gene’

You know what the App Store needs? More imaginative and psychedelic rhythm games, that’s what. Conveniently for the purpose of this news story, a new one is on the way from the same man who is responsible for dropping Space Invaders: Infinity Gene [$4.99 / Free] on us eons ago, Taito’s Reisuke Ishida. It’s called Groove Coaster, and it appears to be as simple as the titling suggests: you listen to some trance-y / new wave-y music and tap out the beat as a blink-y thing glides on rails.

Japanese publication Famitsu scored the first look at the new title. The first video here demonstrates the basics of the game in what must be one of the easier levels:

The second video shows what appears to be a more difficult level, with tons more beats to hit and visual effects to accompany them:

For what it’s worth, you can tell this is Ishida’s. As Joystiq notes, it’s all wire-framed out and ready to grab some glow sticks for this evening’s rave. Infinity Gene had a similar look and feel and that certainly panned out well for a title, that, overall, really had a spring in its step and some awesome mechanics to share. Here’s to hoping this has more than meets the eye… but even if it didn’t, I think I’d be pleased with it. Our collective gut says that this is definitely a game to watch and review whenever it’s slated to hit.