‘Rock of Ages’ For the iPad Is A Great Idea

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ACE Team, the Chilean studio best known for Zeno Clash, will be launching a new game later this August called Rock of Ages. Featuring the same bizarre, yet artistically inspired look of Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages is a third-person strategy game that combines castle defense with Super Monkey Ball. The namesake revolves around the fact that its set in five different time periods, all of which will be visually represented as you roll your gigantic boulders through enemy defenses and into their castles.

The target platforms are, and remain, the PC, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, and Sony’s PSN, but that doesn’t mean an eventual iPad release hasn’t crossed ACE Team’s mind.


In an e-mail chat, an ACE Team representative said that ACE Team has been chatting about the possibilities of an iPad version. Nothing, however, is concrete and there isn’t an official build. It’s just an idea being thrown around in the office — and a good, too, I add.

I was reminded that ACE Team is a small independent studio, so obviously resources are thin, especially while the team is crafting a multi-platform game. The standard “we’ll see” was thrown in for good measure, teasing me and now by extension, you. Feel my pain.

I certainly wouldn’t mind an iPad version of Rock of Ages, or really, any ACE Team joint. There are a lot of brilliant independent developers out there developing for iOS, but I haven’t seen many that do what ACE Team does. Fingers are crossed, sirs, because I believe this is a perfect game for this platform.

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