‘Tilt to Live’ Re-Created as Custom Level for PS3 ‘Little Big Planet 2’

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Alright, this is nuts.

Little Big Planet 2 was released for the PS3 in early 2011, and much like the original Little Big Planet, came loaded with an extensive custom level creation suite. These custom levels are available for download online, and while some of them are fairly creative, I haven’t seen anything like this:

If you’ve got a PS3, Little Big Planet 2, and PSN happens to be up, you can download this LBP2 custom level by searching for either “Tilt to Live", or just searching by the name of its creator, “MRcheese911". Alternatively, you could just download Tilt to Live on the App Store. It’s an absolutely fantastic game that we loved in our review that has only gotten better with updates.

Anyway, I’ve got to go pick my jaw up off the floor. I didn’t even know it was possible to make custom levels like this.

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