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‘Bizango Blast’ Takes ‘Angry Birds’ to the Third Dimension

A one-man games development guru has decided, with the visual might of the Unreal Development Kit, to add a new dimension to Crush the Castle [$.99] catapult games. I’m not talking about time, here; nah, I’m talking about 3D.

It’s a good idea, and if plans stay firm, you’ll be able to check out what “Archer X” is coming up with a little later this month or in June. So far, he’s drained two months into the project and is looking for some feedback based on the video embedded just below.

The game you’re seeing is called “Bizango Blast” and there are a few twists that separate it from its influencers. First, and most important of all, is the catapult. As of right now, it appears as though you’ll be locked into a singular perspective before firing — one that will require you to fire your balls of tower-death into specific weak slabs or points of interests in order to wreak havoc within and outside objects.

Another thing we’re noticing in the footage is the focus on non-destruction. In Angry Birds [$.99 / Lite / HD], the object is kill pigs nestled within the game’s obstructions. With this, the goal is to avoid cracking eggs that are dropped into various locations inside or outside the various structures you’ll be destroying.

There’s still some work to go, but Bizango is looking radical so far. It certainly has a cool visual style and, hey, the promise of power-ups is always a plus in our books.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, for sure.