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Video of Upcoming ‘Frisbee Forever’ – Flying Discs Hitting the App Store this Thursday

Danish developer Kiloo, who you may remember as the collaborator with Manomio on the licensed Commodore 64 [$4.99] emulator app, inked a deal at the end of March with Wham-O, creators of the Frisbee, to develop a game based on the classic flying disc.

Called Frisbee Forever, you’ll send your Frisbee flying using a flick gesture and then direct it through the 100 different levels using either tilt or touch controls. Each level is rendered in colorful 3D graphics and filled with targets to fly through and items to collect. There will also be 100 different styles of Frisbees to unlock, collect, and use in the game, as well as an assortment of achievements to earn.

Frisbee Forever looks pretty sweet so far, and I’m a total sucker for the bright, cartoonish look of the graphics. The game is already approved by Apple and is scheduled to release this Thursday. There is a discussion thread in our forums for Frisbee Forever where Kiloo has already announced that an additional snow-themed level pack is near completion as part of the game’s first update, along with Game Center integration for the current set of in-game achievements.

Frisbee Forever will launch with universal iPad and Retina Display support, and we’ll take another look at the game when it launches later this week.