‘Pocket God’ For iPad Getting A New Retro-Style Mini-Game

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You know Pocket God [$.99], right? On the smaller Apple handhelds, it’s a game defined by the updates it has and still receives on a frequent basis. That tradition is continuing on in the iPad version [$4.99], as the next update is poised to add yet another mini-game set on a brand new planet to explore, Mercury, “a highly technological world where the civilization is obsessed with all things fast.”

So, what’s the game? Great. Glad you asked. It’s called “Hover Jump,” and Bolt tells us it’s something like a take on Data East’s Bump and Jump. In Hover Jump, you’ll control a hover car-equipped pygmy tasked with navigating a “treacherous” road full of jumps and enemies. Jumping on enemies or over gaps eliminates threat, but the action also tasks your fuel. The not-so-subtle idea here is the push-and-pull of conservation versus action.

The update should be out very soon, if it isn’t already. If it’s not showing as an available update to you, check back later as the update finishes propagating across the world.

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