‘Tiny Wings’ First Update Includes Game Center, A New Nest, and More

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Anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past month is familiar with Tiny Wings [99¢], the little indie game that could from Andreas Illiger that we fell in love with in our review and then went skyrocketing up the charts to the #1 overall paid position. Tiny Wings has since been knocked down to #2 in the US, but it took an entirely brand new Angry Birds game to do it.

Today the first update to Tiny Wings went live in the App Store, and it adds a number of new features and fixes to the game. The big addition is Game Center support to supplement the existing OpenFeint integration. Previously there was just one leaderboard for overall high scores, but 5 new ones have been added for distance, longest fever time, perfect slides, cloud touches, and coins eaten.

There is also a new nest to earn, allowing for a x30 multiplier, and 3 new achievements associated with it. The Scores option on the main menu is replaced with Stats, where you can view all the local scores for the leaderboards as well as a screen showing a stack of every nest you’ve ever unlocked. Pausing during play will also display all of these same stats for your current game, as well as which island you are currently on. Another new feature is an onscreen counter right above your score display that keeps time of how long you are in fever mode.

Among the many small fixes in this update, there are two big problems from the initial version of Tiny Wings that have thankfully been addressed. The game now no longer crashes when receiving a popup notification, and the ability earn fever mode time while your device is sleeping has been fixed.

The first update to Tiny Wings is a pretty good one, with Game Center support and a new nest being the standout additions. The many other small fixes and tweaks are appreciated as well, making the game a more solid experience overall. Andreas has hinted on his Twitter account that a new mode is in the works for a future update of Tiny Wings, but isn’t spilling any beans on what this mode might be. Until we find out more about the next update, drop by the forums and join the chorus of praise for Tiny Wings, and be sure to grab this current update and check out the new features.


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