Tons of Square Enix Titles on Sale to Celebrate the Release of ‘Final Fantasy III’

In celebration of the release of Final Fantasy III [$15.99], Square Enix is currently having a sale on just about every iOS game in their library. If you don’t fancy the 3D graphics in Final Fantasy III, now is a great time to pick up either of the first two Final Fantasy games or Secret of Mana for a more classic RPG experience. Of course if you do fancy 3D graphics and are in the mood for an iOS exclusive RPG, then Chaos Rings comes highly recommended. Check out the full list of links below:

iPhone and iPod touch games:

iPad games:

There’s definitely some decent bargains to be had in this current sale on any of these Square Enix titles that you might not have picked up already. The sale will run until March 31st, so you have about a week to mull over your purchasing decisions before they bump back up to normal prices. And as always, you can use, the universal AppShopper app [Free], or our price drops and freebies forum to stay up to date on all the best sales going on in the App Store.