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GDC 2011: Upcoming ‘Reload’ Target Shooting Game with a Variety of Gameplay

Outdoorsy types should get ready as Mastiff Games is set to launch a port of their Wii and PC target shooting game Reload for the iPhone very soon. I had a chance to check out the iPhone version of Reload firsthand at GDC, and despite there being a ton of different gallery-type shooters available on the App Store I found Reload to be pretty compelling.

What I like about Reload is that it offers a lot of variety. There will be a number of different weapons to choose from, including authentic licensed models from the likes of Remington, and the gameplay will change depending on which weapon you use. A machine gun has you moving from room to room in an on-rails fashion and taking out bad guy targets that spring up while avoiding innocent people, police training style. A sniper rifle level puts you in a stationary position as you scan a landscape from afar looking for targets, and then zoom in to take them out. Another example is the shotgun which presents a fun skeet shooting level where you’re scored based on speed and accuracy.

These different gameplay types will be experienced in a single player career mode that has you playing through each type of weapon, and levels can be replayed once unlocked. There will also be a local hot seat multiplayer where you and up to 3 other buddies can take turns passing around a single device trying for top scores. While Reload doesn’t really reinvent the arcade-style shooting game, it seems to offer a decent amount of variety and fun for some on-the-go gunplay. The visuals look nice, it controls well, and it has a nice air of authenticity to it too. Keep your eyes out for Reload which Mastiff is hoping to have out sometime before the end of March.