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‘Minecraft’ Is Officially Coming To iOS

Considering how into Minecraft some folks are, and the surprising amount of unsanctioned Minecraft apps on the App Store, it’s not too surprising to learn this exciting bit of news: Mojang, the studio behind the indie monster hit, is developing its own iOS version of the title! It’s slated to hit at some point in 2011 for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch.

Specifically, one dude is at the helm. A fellow that goes by the name of Aron Neiminen has been brought on board to handle it. Details, unfortunately, are light at the moment, but Gamasutra confirms that not all the updates to Minecraft will make it over the iOS version. Mojang is only instituting stuff Minecraft iOS that “makes sense” for its touch-based platforms, which is inspiring. You gotta love it when a dev gets that touch devices are just that — touch devices.

Minecraft, by the way, is still in beta. You can get into the action by shooting over to the game’s Web site and checking out the download version or even the browser version.

[via Gamasutra]