‘Real Racing’ Series Prices Getting Slashed

Flight Control [.99 / Free / HD] creator Firemint makes a fantastic argument with its Real Racing franchise for the iPad and iPod Touch: it says, “Hey, portable racing games can be good, too” and then proves it with sleek visuals and solid racing mechanics and design.

If you’re a fan of fast things that go fast or racing with a fast thing against other fast things that go fast, Real Racing games are definite must-haves in your App Store collection. And now you can grab them all on the cheap.

Over on its blog, Firemint has announced that it’s putting three of its racing games — Real Racing, Real Racing HD, and Real Racing 2 — on sale. For your convenience, here’s the original prices and what will become the new ones:

As Firemint notes in its post, the dev doesn’t often play the App Store “game” and screw with its prices in order to get temporary bumps on the charts, so don’t expect these games to hit rock bottom prices next month and then the next month after that, too. In other words, if you have had your eye on these pups, it might be best to grab them now because who knows when this’ll happen again.