‘Pocket Frogs’ Developer NimbleBit Offers Up Its Entire App Store Catalogue For Free

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Free games make me happy on the inside, and I imagine they do the same for you. So, it’s with pleasure that I get to announce this: Pocket Frog developer Nimble Bit’s entire App Store catalogue is now available for the price of zero dollars. That’s right, from now until an “indeterminate time," you can download every iOS game that Nimble Bit has to offer for free.

We’re talking about over a dozen titles here, so I’ll be general with the following: our readers and ourselves pretty much have a universal love for everything Nimble Bit has to offer, so yeah, you should probably get on these ridiculous deals. I should note that, yeah, most of these games are free or have gone free before, but we’ve yet to see price-slashing on this scale from the studio.

That said, here’s the list:

  • Mega Panda

    NimbleBit's entry into the 2010 Nov. 360iDev Game Jam!

    *Mega Panda was designed and developed within 10 hours a…
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