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‘Rappin’ Granny’ Review – And Now For Something Completely Different

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One of the best things about the App Store is when a developer releases something completely out of the blue that’s totally ridiculous, and likely never would have seen the light of day on any other platform. Rappin’ Granny [99¢] is one such project, created by Nathan Hunley who also happens to be half of Igloo Games, the guys behind Dizzy Bee [99¢].

The premise of the game is simple. A rappin’ granny struts down a hallway dishing out presents which you have to give to the correct recipient. In order to figure out who to give which present to, you have to listen to the rap which is filled with clues. These clues initially start out very simple, but get tricky later in the rap as you’re forced to determine who someone’s wife is, for instance.

The entire game is wrapped around a scoring system that awards more if you’re able to deliver the presents to the beat. Also, you can score bonus points by flicking presents to their recipient instead of dragging them to their hands. The granny’s rap is funny, the gameplay is silly, and the music of the game has a real PaRappa The Rapper feel to it.

Unfortunately, the down side of the game is that the rap stays the same. Once you memorize the game, all that’s really left to do is play through it again and again to beat your high score. I would have loved to see some kind of variation either from randomization of the different verses, or something that prevents you from just memorizing everything. Regardless, this is an extremely cute game that will be easily enjoyed by anyone who likes the quirky side of the App Store.

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