‘Carcassonne’ Universal Update Hits

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Find your sync cable and grab your dungeon masters, friends, and loved ones. The oft-teased Universal update for Carcassonne [$9.99] is now available, meaning you can now play the tabletop-game-turned-App on your iPad without having to maximize or deal with UI not intended for use on the device’s much larger screen.

As a result, the game’s price has also been raised to $9.99. Bummer at a glance, but if you haven’t purchased Carcassonne, don’t see this as a deal breaker — the original game is a fantastic port of the beloved tabletop game and it appears as if the iPad update is just as good.

Granted, my time has been limited, but I haven’t spotted a single bruise. The UI looks sharp and reacts well and the touch controls are solid, too. Heck, even the visuals remain appealing. It’s like The Coding Monkeys spent a lot of time on this update or something, right?

Oh, the parties I am already planning. If only I can convince my “cool" friends that playing Carcassonne is more fun than drinking jungle juice. Challenges. Life has them.

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